About the Inn


In 2010, area resident Richard Thompson had dedicated himself to preserving the community’s heritage and farmland. Realizing the architectural importance of the house, the significant contributions of the Allen family to the field of medicine and the architectural genius of the builder, Thompson decided to take the enormous step to save the house for posterity. The Richard and Rhonda Thompson Foundation was created to restore historic buildings and the Allen House selected as a primary project.


Wishing to preserve the home’s historic heritage, Dick and Rhonda meticulously restored its rooms—mixing in only enough modern furnishings to allow for a guest’s comfortable stay.  They then expanded its potential use by adding a kitchen, conference and banquet room, tavern and gardens. Today, the pair can often be found working on the latest Puzzle Room challenge or mingling with guests during a Friday evening Tavern night.

Kari White-Peska

Throughout her childhood, Kari had the privilege of observing her grandparents own and manage their small businesses.  One that specifically stood out was her grandmother’s Bed & Breakfast.  She remembers guests returning year after year to visit with her grandparents and enjoy their heart-warming hospitality, something she hopes to convey at the Peter Allen Inn.

kevin the bartender

Kevin Gagliardi

Kevin Gagliardi is our Tavern Beverage Manager here at Peter Allen Inn. Kevin brings a passion of mixology to the inn and puts love in every crafted cocktail. Since gaining certification from Elite Bartending School in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Kevin has begun a new career focused on classic cocktails and the possibilities presented by new and unusual spirits, techniques, and flavor profiles.